Intergoods company history

Building on a track record of innovation.

Intergoods: A 31-year history of success

In 1989, 1 entrepreneurs and 4 employee in Thailand () had a vision for the business potential of supplying chemical specialty for Thailand manufacturing businesses. We set out on a path that would not only transform Thailand of chemical specialty supply chain management services , but also forever alter the way manufacturing companies acquire raw-material and run manufacturing business. Now 31years and more than 4000 enterprises customers stronger, more than ever, Intergoods is fueled by the pioneering spirit that inspired its founders to continually transform the industries chemical specialty trading and supply chain of the businesses in Thailand.

With reliable business partners, Intergoods gains trust as a trading company with a firm policy for being an exclusive distributor of particular products in Thailand. We strive to become a long-term business partner with all of our suppliers and customer.

The early years: 1989

Building on the dream of “supplying thailand with raw-material

Sourcing & supplying chemical raw material in coating

At the time, there are a lot of opportunities in the market however it takes knowledge and experience to source a quality product and import material for our market.

Planning & Managing stock inventory

A sufficient stock inventory is crucial for our manufacturer customer. we corporate and communicate for their demand to cover the lead-time period of goods transportation from supplier to Thailand.

Custom, Logistic Law & Regulation

Every product imported into Thailand must be reported to the Customs department. Procedures such as product registration, issuing licenses, and paying duties, need a specialist to complete the process before distributing to the market.


Under managing director Suchet Lertviriyasawat the company adds individual practices that span business unti boundaries, and each practice focuses on a specific industry. The new industry-focused partners become the firm’s first true experts.

Supplying Rubber, and Adhesive raw materials

The management team is aware of the business growth and expansion. The team then foresee the consumption of transportation and start to expand into the Rubber and Adhesives business starting from Phenolic resin which is significant for Rubber part and Tire industry.

Moving into a newly created office campus

The new office on the Rama 9 Road is a prime location, with the vision to create environments where people come together and do their best work. We operate with a shared purpose to constantly improve, grow and to become better as individuals, as teams and as a company.

1993: 3,5 Million USD in revenue

We adhere to the principle of service from the heart. And by focusing on quality products and reasonable prices in the market including providing technical information and impressive service to customers.

The achievement we have today comes from all our stakeholders’ support.

Revolutionising the future of Chemical Specialty

Improve understanding of fundamental economic issues facing organizations globally. With true understanding by research agenda covers competitiveness, financial markets, growth, innovation, labor markets, natural resources, productivity, technology, and urbanization. We are able to create growth for our company and our clients businesses.

man in white chef suit standing in front of white and red plastic bottles

1995: Entering Plastic industry

Plastic materials are generally used for multi-purpose such as Packaging, Electronic parts, Automotive parts, and Construction. We start sourcing and supply colorant and additives for the plastic industry for the first time.

1998: Food ingredient & Cosmetic additives raw materials

Intergoods developed new business unit focusing on solutions for a growing market of food ingredient & cosmetic additive raw materials that provide clients with new ways to manufacture new products. The intergoods team also offer knowledge and expertise in aquiring and developing the raw material needed in food and cosmetic industries. Over the following years, Intergoods Food and Cosmetics portfolio will grow to encompass more than a dozen solutions, including foods Insights, cosmetic Organizational Health Index, and other Law & Regulation.

2007: Management System Transformation

Executives have brought the concept and encourage implemented a TQA framework throughout the organization as an essential tool to improve our management capability and to achieve global standards.

2009: Investing in core ERP and financial management

Intergoods Co., Ltd. has invested in an Enterprise Resource Planning system; Microsoft AX.

Connect all departments and functions with an ERP system that supports resilience and operational excellence. Minimise the impact of economic disruption and maintain business continuity by integrating ERP and financial management. 

Early Adopter in ERP system within chemical trading industries.

In order to become a leader in the trading business, investment in internal information management is important. Establish consistent leadership across our top, bottom, and green line, 

Quality Management System

We are certified Quality Management System ISO9001:2008 by MASCI.

2011: Joint Venture with Thai Nikken Food

Over a decade that we partner with Nikken Food Company Limited to supplying natural extract flavor to local and multinational manufacturing in Thailand. Our supplier then decide to joint venture with Intergoods and set up food manufacturing located in Rayong, Thailand.

2012: 20 Million USD in revenue

The company hits the sale target at 20 Million US dollar with competency, cooperation and determination of everyone in the company resulting in organization sustainable growth.

2018: Certified ISO9001:2015

Actively maintain our national standard; with our certified Quality Management System ISO9001:2015 by MASCI.

2019: Building a new Warehouse Center

Our New fulfillment network is made up of state-of-the-art technology and a variety of building types and sizes to support processing raw-materials orders, but it’s truly our people who bring the magic of intergoods to life for our customers.

Our investments in infrastructure form the foundation for our range of services at Intergoods both for customers and partners alike. Internally developed technology solutions are the backbone of Intergoods and are behind all our processes. Analysis tools for evaluating data, and the knowledge gained as a result, are of high strategic importance. 

Intergoods successfully coordinates its own raw-material logistics operations and is constantly improving the customer experience by expanding its scalable logistics infrastructure. Our expertise in the fields of warehousing, delivery and customer service processes as well as content creation remain of fundamental importance for our raw-material trading business.

Increasing Market Shares

Over the coming years, we will continue to focus on expanding our market share and leveraging growth dynamics by combining our customer base with networked inventories. Our focus on growth provides us with the opportunity to leverage economies of scale. Against the backdrop of the current rapid manufacturing technological development in all industry such as food, cosmetic and others, our strategy will continue to develop over the coming years as well. We are confident that market trends will remain an important means of manufacturing processes– inspiration, discovering new products are customer requirements that we will focus on in the long term.