Cosmetics is a rapidly evolving and forward-thinking industry. We understand that competition in this industry can be fierce. This motivates us to constantly innovate and discover new ways to foster creativity. We have assembled an exceptional set of tools to assist our clients in creating products that stand out. Our world-class supplier has unrivaled worldwide experience in producing creative and dependable high-quality raw materials for cosmetics. We blend extraordinary ingredients in our one-of-a-kind portfolio to create strong skin care, personal care cosmetics, and color effect applications that outperform the competition.

As the industry’s impact specialist, we have the most comprehensive portfolio of cosmetics pigments based on substrates and coating technologies available. All of our pigments are completely safe, feel great on the skin, and are simple to incorporate into a wide range of products. For a reason, we have a reputation for offering the best color and quality stability on the market. Because of our dependability and variety, our customers are able to develop innovative products and define totally new industry trends. But it’s not just the rainbow of choices that’s stunning. We will take cosmetics to the next level with our pigment innovation which will focus on new ways to emphasize and produce beauty.