Affiliate &
Associated Company

Alp Visrock Company Limited (AVC)

Leader in supplying excellent chemicals to customer in diverse industries

Determined to be the leader in the sales of chemical products from the great mission of the company Inter Goods Limited to this stakeholder. We want to create jobs that are more valuable than profitability, taking into account the benefits and sustainability of all business sectors.

Intermedical Company Limited (IM)

Inter Medical Co., Ltd. was established in 1977. We are the exclusive distributor importing and distributing medical products from multinationals in Europe and U.S.A. and other parts of the world to the local markets. Our product portfolio covers medical disposables and equipment, surgical instruments and implants for spinal and maxillofacial reconstructions. Inter Medical Co., Ltd. is presented in all regions of Thailand through dedicated sales & marketing staff who bring our services to our customers wherever they are. In addition, we have high caliber people to provide technical support, customer service, and after sales-service to ensure the customers satisfaction of the best value service on time.

Bang Trading 1992 Company Limited (BT)

Bang Trading 1992 was established in 1974 under the name of Bang Trading Limited Partnership. It started the operation with importing general chemical, pharmaceutical materials, lab reagent, scientific instrument, medical supplies, surgical instruments. It changed the registration name to Bang Trading 1992 Co., Ltd. In 1992 and move to new office at Ekamai Road.

Mass Marketing Company Limited (MM)

Mass Marketing Co., Ltd. is one of the leading distributors of consumer goods in Thailand. We are specialised in doing quality marketing and distribution work for brands represented such as detergent, soap, confectionary, insect repellant and etc. We manage own sales force to cover direct trade outlets both in modern and traditional sectors on nationwide basis.Now we have over 30 principals who are mutually committed and share the same view on our company’s principle “Together we grow”.

Thai Nikken Enterprise Company Limited (TNE)

Thai Nikken Enterprise was founded in 2005 in Thailand to supply and marketing of natural flavors and help generate marketing framework for Thai Nikken Food manufacturing plant.

TNE had headquarters in Japan under the name of Nikken Food which was established in Osaka, Nikken headquarters moved to Shizuoka in Japan’s heartland—a location ideal for R&D and manufacturing—in 1976.

Our headquarters remain in Fukuroi City, also home to the main Nikken factory.