Intergoods offers a performance additives and intermediate sector from a global manufacturers. We provide a varied range of products that feed into a variety of applications, including contact adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, reactive adhesive, copolyamide/ copolyamine hotmelt adhesive, among many others. We develop solutions that enable formulators and manufacturers to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and purity of a wide range of industrial and consumer products.

With a presence in ten nations from our key supplier. Our extensive global footprint, combined with our integrated global supply chain, ensures that our clients receive goods and solutions when and where they need them.

We provides solution that addresses four global megatrends: a sustainable climate, dwindling resources, shifting mobility patterns, and changing demographics As the world changes, as your chemistry partner, we will continue to invent solutions to increasingly complicated problems. After all, with over 100 years of innovation as a foundation, we are paving the way for the next generation of chemistry and collaborating with our clients to create a better tomorrow.

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